lange competes in las vegas arts council's faces of woman


The Las Vegas Arts Council is holding their 19th annual call for entries for a national juried art exhibition in “Faces of Woman”.  Entries celebrate some aspect of the feminine in symbolic or representational form in two or three dimensions.  The exhibit will be displayed in the gallery space of the Las Vegas Arts Council’s new quarters on Bridge Street in Las Vegas’ Old Town Arts & Cultural District.  This area attracts visitors from all over New Mexico as well as many out-of-state tourists and houses attractive galleries and restaurants.

The competition is jurored by Chuck Zimmer, who has worked for New Mexico Arts, Art in Public Places Program.  He is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasener grant and his background incldes a MFA from Southern Illinois University.  He is a teacher of fine arts and involved in community theater as designer and director.  

Shauna Lee Lange of Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and serving the greater metropolitan area of Washington DC, will be submitting a work entitled “Scarred Smile” from her 2009 series in mixed media, watercolor, crayon, acrylic, and marker.  Scarred Smile represents the first of the series to be entered into submission and is a new enterprise for the firm’s founder, also a self-taught and late emergent artist.  

Scarred Smile is a self-portrait reflecting the artist’s formerly beautiful smile (thanks to mid 1970’s orthodontia), ruined in 2005 by an accidental fall in the shower.  After the fall, the artist faced dental bills amounting to over $5,000 in replacement work.  The shower fall also left the artist with a self-conscious scar on her lower lip, formed when the surgeon could not properly seal the fissure.  The self-portrait reveals the dark lipstick hues the artist still uses to try and conceal the flaw along with the damage to her vanity – resulting in now always closed lip smiles.

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