water vista pen & ink

Some of the most talented illustrators regularly post their works on Flickr and of that group, there’s a special heaven for those that depict landscape scenes or architectural scenes.  A couple of my favorites, and this is just a sampling, are the works of Martin Beek; Sharon Frost; Wil_Freeborn; and Paul Heaston.  I mean you have to SEE Heaston’s buildings to believe them – the line, the detail, the exactness, they’re all really something spectacular.

So I’ve been sharing with you that I’m working on finding what I want to concentrate on for thematic material in specialization and one of the ways to do that is to know what it is that you DON’T want to do.  I love landscapes, but I love detail more and I actually learned that through experimentation in photography.  Anyway, today I gave a waterscape a try and it was difficult because I am not a naturalist illustrator and I don’t have a botanical background for flora and fauna.  Also, I was unsure how to handle grass which sits just below the palm tree to the left, or the rippling of the water scene.  Not a bad first attempt, but certainly not something I see myself doing long-term.

Oh yeah, and I had originally intended to go back over the drawing with watercolors but guess who used non-permanent ink?  What I do really like in this is the adapted compass rose on the left and my not so bad handling of the background city skyline with telephone poles and wires.  Here’s the real life scene.

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