constructing your own drafting table: the Wright measurements

The fabulous sculptor Carl Wright (plus an all around great guy) offers these instructions for constructing your very own drafting table.  If you’ve checked prices lately, drafting tables are going for a pretty penny for the tried and true authentic wood versions. Plastic laminates and veneers can be found saturating the market, but these DO NOT LAST.  So Carl understood perfectly what I was trying to accomplish with my search for a sturdy and stable drafting table (you may want to visit a history of my drafting-table-search-saga here).  The Wright Drafting table is quite the workhorse.  Carl’s abused and neglected his for about 25 years and it still functions. Now, a great guy and a visionary sculptor all wrapped up in one is hard to find, so I want to start out by giving you Carl Wright’s contact information (hey, did anyone else notice Wright as in Frank Lloyd!  I never did ask Carl!!!)  Maybe construction is in his genes.  :)

Carl Wright

Abstract Stone Sculpture
Art for Homes
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304-263-2391  |

Now, here are the Wright-Do-It-Yourself Measurements
 Cut List for Drafting Table

All measurements approximate.

Overall table is 36” deep x 60” long x 36” tall – height can change if you are shorter than 6’ tall.

 Table top:              3’ x 5’ x ¾” thick; ¾” x 2” strip underneath perimeter of drafting table.  2 pcs 2” x 36”; 2 pcs 2″ 56″  

Bottom:              Legs are “L” shaped  when seen in cross-section.  Each leg is 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” x 35” tall.

Apron:             Apron is finished size of 26” x 53”.  Apron is where the top of the logs connect to.

                        2 pcs ¾” x 3 ½” x 26”                                                                                

                        2 pcs ¾” x 3 ½” x 51.5”                                                                              

                       Back Brace: ¾” x 2 ½” x 53”

             Side Braces: 2 pcs ¾” 2 ½” x 26”                                                                         

             Adjustable Table Support:  (to incline table) – ¾” x 2 ½” x 10”.  With holes drilled every 1 ½”.

 Foot Rest Front Brace:  Hardwood with rounded edges.  Not plywood because plywood bends when you put feet on it.

                        ¾” x 1 ½” x 53”      

 Other:  About 1 ¼ sheets of plywood, bunch of bolts, washers & nuts.

Table is assembled with nuts, bolts & washers, so it can be easily disassembled & moved.  Drawer dimensions can be added later if required.  The example shown is a table Carl actually bought about 25 years ago when drafting tables were being replaced with computers.  It was a commercial grade table that was rented out with a draftsman for places like Singer (the defense firm) etc.    


Shauna Lee Lange: The Agrarian Artist is a professional artist, thought leader, and analyst advisor based in Southwest Florida.  She is working in the fields of public installation art in organic sustainability, natural forms & terrain, and conscious green social change – otherwise known as Art Agrarianism. Lange is the Founder and Director of Creative Art Consultants International Network, an integrated social media think-tank with over 4,500 professional members.  A U.S. Navy Veteran, Ms. Lange exhibits her self-taught art journals, visual diaries, and sketchbooks nationally. Lange is the 2013 awardee of eight solo shows with Charlotte County, FL’s Art in Public Places Program, and is currently exhibiting her organic Microcircles series depicting cellular intersections and interdependencies. The Agrarian Artist recently participated in Florida’s Creative Capital Professional Development Program – designed to further advance Florida’s culture economy. Always open to your ideas and input, images are the copyrighted artist’s own collection.
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