closed for major restoration: watercolor palette mixes

The Brave Girls Club has a current ongoing project for viewing your SOUL much as you would view remodeling an old house.  It’s an interesting concept, examining where we live spiritually, emotionally, physically – do many of us even inhabit our own true homes? What have we done recently for repairs and upkeep?  This theme of restorative art work has been popping up again and again for me, most recently also with Soul Art Studio, which also has a video about examining where where you “live” (and all that means).  The idea being that your environment should provide fertile ground for the growth of your creative work – in whatever media that work may be found.  I’m reminded so strongly of what my dear new friend Patricia said to me recently about Key West in general and about preparing for oceanic change.  I won’t say specifically, but it had to do with the power and strength of living near so much water and what it does to people’s lives (or, what she’s seen it do).

So with these themes in mind, I grabbed my watercolor palette tray today to try a new technique of pre-mixing colors and then letting them dry only to re-activate them when one is on the road, or in the field, or on the ocean as the case may be.  Last night we watched Lion, Witch & Wardrobe at our church family movie night and I saw a lot of green and gray-scale coloration in the cinematography (and some gorgeous costuming of the Winter Witch – see the last images in this post).  I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to how orange is used on fields of pink and fuchsia in advertisements, so you see some exploration of that below with orange tones in the palette. Still having a bit of a tough time capturing the size, scale and color of my art journaling work with the digital camera (I’ve all but given up on scanning the images until I can one day obtain a huge scanning bed).  I gotta tell you the more I see gray, the more I’m growing to love it as a background for color in general.

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