plastic salad containers, granny’s doilies, and laughing hard times right in the face

Mel from Needle and Nest Design in Ontario recently bought a house and had planned to turn her uninsulated garage into her own bright airy studio.  When winter’s cold, cold breath and the economy’s cruel punch hit her with a double blow, she was forced to reconvert a back corner of her bedroom into a makeshift sewing studio.  Mel’s not one to let a little thing like space and organization deter her so she came up with a sustainable way to use light, clear plastic salad containers as temporary systems for fabric swatches and sewing supplies. This gives her a quick and easy way to rearrange, see, and sort everything she has to work with while avoiding the mess of fabrics all over her bed (which we BOTH know would easily and frustratingly happen).
Now, true creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and if you’re loving Mel’s frugal inventiveness, then just wait (steady yourself now) until you see what this little nest keeping mom did with her granny’s doilies.  Assembling small sized circular doilies and sewing them into a larger table runner is just an activity after my true heart, assembling collections and making a larger whole out of a sum of parts.  If you want to try this project, the key is to match unlike shapes together – so put a star shaped doilie next to one with a looser knit and mix match your smaller ones near the larger patches. This is stunning gorgeous and like most of the photography on Mel’s site, a real beauty to behold.
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