an artist’s life: how I created a no-meat, frugal, nutritious sunday lunch for three

Sunday’s are a tough day for me because our mornings with our dude in church are anything but congruent with today’s church hymn, “I Want to be More Like Jesus” or “All is Well In My Soul”.  How do you sing that in a room full of people when it’s all you can do not to strangle your very own right on the spot?  I actually had to restrain myself from bursting out the back of the sanctuary today and running out into the sun-drenched field of nothingness!

And then, when we come home, mother artist gets to make lunch (oh, joy) and for anyone who knows me at all, when the Big Guy handed out cooking skills, he passed right over me standing there in line like an idiot.  Right over.  I don’t like to cook, I don’t want to cook, I don’t know what to cook, and this probably contributes to my child’s inattentiveness in the aforementioned paragraph.  What do you MEAN Oreos aren’t for breakfast?

So.  How does an artist who would rather be doing ANYTHING else create a nutritious, frugal, no-meat substantive lunch for her family?  Easy.  She prays.  No.  No.  Praying won’t get you there, but here’s what might.  Start with a cool drink – I like to “infuse” mine with fresh fruit slices (alcohol optional – take it easy folks, this is Sprite – a better choice would have been sparkling water).

Then, take one full bag of carrots and one full bag of celery and prepare the entire lot for the whole upcoming week.  I learned long ago that if I “Julienne” my celery and carrots, they will get eaten as snacks.  Something about round carrot slices kids will just snub their noses at, but take a carrot or celery stick, “dab” a little peanut butter or Nutella on the plate, and you’ve got some nutrition going.  Also, if you prepare the entire bag in one step, you’ve saved yourself some art time, and I will do ANYTHING for that!  Don’t you just love how the color of the vegetables pop against the white china bowl.  Oh I digress…..

Okay.  So Jerry Seinfeld’s wife says you have to sneak in vegetables to kids, and Parents Magazine says to try giving them foods in small quantities on a repeated basis.  You’ll notice my small slices of fresh green pepper, a couple of slices of orange, a wedge of Brie cheese (we take the rind off which is an ongoing debate between my “epicurean” daughter and myself), some Wheat Thins for fiber and salt, those carrots and celery sticks, and a dab of what has totally revolutionized my life in terms of eating any kind of chick-pea product at all, the Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus (if you’re going to try this hummus, I recommend the spinach and artichoke as a launching pad to the more “intense” roasted red pepper option.)  Sabra is pure genius!  If they ever make Tofu, I will actually eat it, and THAT’s saying something.  All in all about 20 minutes of preparation has yielded happy faces and full tummies and now this mother artist gets to “art on” with the happy knowledge that lunch cost less than Wendy’s, was totally meatless, and like all art, came out of pure, divine inspiration!  The good Lord does answer prayers, he really does!

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