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mysterious natasha: suncoast sketchbook artist

Urban Sketchers has a program wherein when you gather 3 to 4 regularly working sketchbook artists (art journalists or visual diarists) working in one central region and depicting one area, you can establish your own highlighted site-specific geo-location group (which is a pretty big deal if you’re a lover of drawing & illustration, or if you’ve seen what some of these artists can do!).  So I posted an ad on Craigslist and Natasha answered.  She told me she had just seen my post for sketchbook artists and that she was one of them! I was thrilled.

She spends her winters in the Everglades City / Naples area and always has her sketchbook with her (gotta love that!). She keeps what she describes as a daily art journal (great, there will be LOTS of material!). She likes to spend the day exploring Naples and surrounding areas and draws what she experiences.  Whether it be an interesting building with intricate architectural details or the yummy snack she’s having for lunch!  Natasha’s found that keeping a sketchbook has made her notice so much more when she’s out and about. She says, “It’s amazing!  Really makes me appreciate my Florida winters.”  And she shared a few pics from last winter, hoping I would enjoy (and I did!).

Then Natasha told me she was interested in getting together for an urban sketch group!  She said it was so funny, last winter she was trying to find out if there was a group in Naples, Florida and had no luck, so she just did my own solo sketch crawl (that’s how you know you have the real deal – someone who continues art journaling even when there’s no one else around).  So I sent Natasha a link for an upcoming Naples Preserve Sketchcrawl and a reply message asking her last name so I could write more fluidly about her and her work.  She answered, “I’m on the road at the moment, heading back East. I’m planning on being back in Florida in a few weeks. So,  please stay in touch and let me know if you get a group together.”  And then nothing.  The line went dead.

Natasha, come out of hiding!  Let the mystery end!  It’s NOT that bad, we’re all nice people here!  And may you have safe travels, no broken colored pencils, and may we meet when you return to the Florida Southwest corridor.  It’s just not the same without you!!!

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