drawing and sketching are NOT dead: brooklyn art library

I’ve been watching Art House‘s development since before they even moved to New York or thought of the Brooklyn Art Library, and my God what a great thing they have done.  In addition to hosting increasingly notable Sketchbook Project Tours, the center has a weekly advice column for sketchbook illustrators, art journalists and visual diarists like myself.  Not only are they dispensing some seriously needed medicine, but they are also preparing for the future by digitizing sketchbooks.  So get yourself over there and I do mean today.

Art House Co-op, 103A North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Weekly Sketchbook Project advice column: Each Thursday, we publish a new edition of Tip Jar — a guide to getting the most out of your sketchbook. We’re constantly inspired by the ways previous contributors have explored different media, techniques and ideas and we love to share. So dip into the Tip Jar for pop-up surprises, ghostly image transfers, radical rebinding, sneaky stitches and much, much more! Want to see something covered in an upcoming Tip Jar? Let us know on ourFacebook page or holler @arthouse on Twitter!

Digitizing for all.  Share your work with the Digital Library. If you’ve contributed to the 2010, 2011 or 2012 Sketchbook Projects or the Fiction Project, your work is eligible to join the Digital Library. Just select the project you’d like to add to the online archive and we’ll professionally digitize your contribution. We love welcoming visitors to the physical collection at the Brooklyn Art Library, but it’s the Digital Library that allows people from all corners of the globe to experience your work — and pass it along. Thanks for helping to make this virtual resource grow!

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