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art studio and workshop tour

Art Studio Sign, Shauna Lee Lange, mixed media & chipboard letters 2011

I spent the Friday night before New Year’s Eve assembling the very basic components of my own art studio and workshop.  We had just relocated to Port Charlotte in September 2011 and I had taken a short sabbatical to concentrate on my “day job” as a workforce development professional for the State of Florida.  With the new year approaching, and having missed three months of dedicated art journaling, visual diaries, and sketchbooks, I just knew I had to get the studio up and running and soon.  And given that I am set to teach a six-week art journaling workshop starting on January 14, 2012, there was even more reason to go through our boxes.

We’re using a very small alcove off our residential laundry room that has carpeting and natural light from two windows.  The room needs much in the way of “finished” cosmetic appeal and the air flow needs to be addressed.  We had just fixed the electrical outlets and were ready to move forward with providing individual art instruction in 2012.  With that finished,  I thought it might be interesting to show how, over time, we’ll be developing the studio on a very limited budget both monetarily and time-wise for the start of 2012.  Here’s a photographic tour of our bare-bones beginnings of some of the components using only what I have on hand.  I am a big believer in individual work stations for separate tasks and I could go on and on about why this is the most effective art production method, but I won’t here.  This art studio and workshop tour is a work in progress, my system for all the writing and drawing tools still has much work to be done!  Let us know what you think.

Before I close, let me just say that 2012 proves to be very interesting in art growth.  I am trying two new techniques for the ability to concentrate my artworks and teach effective methods.  The first is by using my brand new digital drawing tool called the Wacom Tablet Bamboo Pen which was given to me by my daughter.  I have only succeeded so far in learning how to manipulate the pen and in downloading the Corel Draw software.  There’s a huge learning curve here and it is sure to open up a whole new world of digitized elements, which I had previously poo-pooed.  The second technique is again one of separation.  I have for the first time ever, moved my art studio tools completely away from the computer.  Because I, like most artists, am a visual learner, the Internet has a very addictive power in my life.  Hours can go by while I am examining others’ works, or looking at art calls and submissions, and it feels like five minutes.  Recognizing that this has stolen time away from simply creating, I’m trying to separate the functions.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

Side workstation for immediate tools, Shauna Lee Lange Studios 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, vision & inspiration board 1, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, natural light, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, art journal & collage station, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, Clip It System station, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, writing implement station, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, professional art tools station, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange, cutting, rubber stamping, and template station, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, art inspiration and vision board station #2, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios, the most beautiful artwork there is, 2012

Shauna Lee Lange Studios is a full-service arts advisory and creative studio located in Southwest Florida in Port Charlotte.  The Studios are dedicated to helping women and girls live a more creatively artful and authentic life.  The Studios is actively engaged in helping people find and design their own arts or crafts studios and workspaces.  Shauna Lee Lange the artist is exhibiting nationally in paper and book arts through art journaling, visual diaries, and sketchbooks.  Her works center on personal geographies and women’s issues through the use of vintage ephemera and  collage and mixed media components.  A tireless arts advocate, Shauna Lee Lange Studios also works in professional business and networking endeavors for creativity and idea generation. Come on over and be a part of our international arts network Creative Art Consultants. More art IS more love.  


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