happy chinese new year: how to make a paper crane


It’s Chinese New Year today, and we’re celebrating with paper cranes.  Here’s a site on folding an origami crane.  WikiHow shows us another method here.  Be sure to use some very colorful and pretty papers when you take on the project of creating paper cranes.  Once you get the steps down, you can make your cranes as large or small as you want.  Some people create strands of cranes by tying them together in a curtain like fashion with string or ribbon.  I’ve known some artists who’ve designed an entire art installation out of paper cranes, and others who use them to decorate their art studios. 

An origami crane is a symbol of hope in the Japanese culture.  Birds have always inspired artists and the seasons of the year often have birds associated with them.  Today marks the beginning of the year of the water dragon (who may or may not have wings), a mythological creature representing prosperity, fortune, intelligence and benevolence.  

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