creative industries resume infographic

I’m not sure which is hotter these days, the promising potential of Pinterest or the latest career aid, resume infographics.  I tried my hand at a first attempt this evening and here’s how I made out.  I accomplished this on Word using advanced Word Art features, but once I master Corel Painter Essentials 4 (Thank you Lauren & Domenic), well you just watch out!  The light color hues are due to my low-end printer.  Overall, I am happy with the push button concept, but would like to work on the beauty a bit more.

Shauna Lee Lange is a full-service arts advisory firm and design studio located in Southwest Florida.  We are dedicated to helping women and girls live more creatively artful and authentic lives through art marketing & branding, coaching & teaching, and craft workspace design & organization.  Our firm’s gorgeous gallery pages can be seen here.  The Artist Shauna Lee Lange exhibits nationally in paper and book arts in art journaling, visual diaries, and sketchbooks.  Her works center on personal geographies and women’s transformative issues through the use of vintage ephemera, collage, and mixed media components.  If YOU are an arts professional, come on over and be a part of our no cost Creative Art Consultants International Network because “More art IS more love.”

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