the working person’s hour of personal and business affirmations

So … many of you know that Your Personal Concierge Charlotte County has been attending Oprah‘s OWN Network classes and I’m committed to doing my own self-work.  Just because you coach others on living an artfully blessed life doesn’t mean there aren’t areas for one’s OWN growth, as we have seen with several of the life coaches that have been featured on the show.  One recent episode was on affirmations and this is a practice I haven’t regularly doing been doing.  There are extremes of course, one of Oprah’s guests was talking about thanking her bed each morning, but many of the concepts are really viable, livable and DOable.

Recently, I had an hour (time just opens up for me – one of my affirmations) and I posted six newsprint pages on one of my blank walls. On the first page I wrote – I BELIEVE and then began listing some of my own affirmations (things and practices I expect to see manifested in my life).  These were from notes from the show combined with my own little trouble spots.  The purpose really is to teach us that what we say and more importantly, think has a LOT of power in our lives.  When I took a day this week to “stop” my negative thinking by challenging each negative thought, I really realized how quickly and quietly that tape plays in all of our heads.

On page two, I wrote I REALLY BELIEVE.  This page is a list of affirmations about things that have not yet come to be in my life, but that are on the way and soon!  This doesn’t mean I don’t have to do any work seeking  out my dreams, it’s just setting the positive expectation that my work will produce fruitful results.

On page three, I wrote THIS I KNOW.  This page is a list of core beliefs I hold about myself and others, lessons I have already learned and are embedded deep within me, but things I need to remind myself of.  An example is my number one statement on this page which is “Only God is Before Me”.  Now that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, it has a special meaning for me, and I need to remember that even in my own challenges and obstacles, ultimately it’s all his call anyway.  Powerful.

Page four is a different exercise called the “ABSOLUTE YES LIST”.  We were challenged to make a list of those things we say absolute yes to.  And in the practice of Suze Orman, I divided mine into people, money, then things.  On my people list, I thought long and hard about who it is in my life I really am purposed and called to say absolutely yes to.  I had to alter the photograph because I want to say YES to all the people who rely on my presence, my advice, my helpful knowledge or my contacts, but PEOPLE!!!! I had to break it down, there’s only so much of me to go around (ha ha).  So my absolute yes contains those energies which I will give my all to.

Write out your charts BEFORE you hang them on the wall, and tape them up with a good masking or duct tape so they stay!  Our affirmations are here to STAY.  The fifth chart is labeled “MY TODAY AND TOMORROW”.  This is a list of future, further goals – with no time frames associated, but just things I am looking to.  And let me say a word about having heroes and mentors and people you look to.  There is a woman alive today who has a fantastic, beautiful, amazing practice she built from the ground up with her own two hands.  I can’t tell you what an inspiration and what a motivation that is for me.  So one day, I won’t be looking to this woman, one day she’ll be looking with me.  Ah, say it sister!!!

Lastly, there’s what’s probably the hardest to do, “MY PERSONAL MOTTO” – this is the creed you personally will live by.  It’s a core belief like “I am radically kind” or “Too Blessed to be Stressed” or “To Thine Own Self Be True” or “I am already serving my purpose” – something that gets you motivated and inspired and that you say to yourself each and every day.  I wrote mine down and then studied it for a while to make sure it resonates within me.  After a bit, I did decided to amend it just so slightly, because I wanted to ensure that it has a positive tone.

So all of this is meant to help you to live your biggest, best, highest possibility for your life and your second-level living. We can create an exceptional life and there are many ways to do it.  Being a visual person and spending a lot of time immersed in day-to-day life, I need reminders.  I need a signpost to realign my thinking.  I need to be more self-affirming, especially as I spend a lot of time affirming others in joy.

Go back to sign number four, which is the turquoise sign in the lower left corner.  And I share this in the interest of transparency – so many times we hear of others and affirmations, and you’re left to wonder HOW they do it.  I wanted to show you my affirmation wall so you’d have the tools to either borrow this idea or create one of your own.

Most importantly, remember to put YOURSELF on the absolute yes list too.  And at some point in the day, say your name “Shauna Lee,”  ”I absolutely love you.”  If you’re not hearing it from the others in your world on a DAILY basis, be your own best friend and say it to yourself.  That’s where you see my little drawn heart on poster number four – Shauna Lee, I absolutely love YOU.  Now, if that’s not affirming, I don’t know what is.

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