a credit card caper when she had to be in connecticut

How many times have you left your home, locked the door, and suddenly realized that you had left your keys inside?  Or how about the night you were out on the town and you put your credit card down for the bill only to accidentally leave without picking it up?   When it’s the next day and you remember when you reach for that card…oh, what a sinking feeling! You’ll probably wish you had a personal assistant to fix these problems for you.  Or even better, a personal lifestyle manager to take all these worries away and help you organize everything on your busy list.

Your Personal Concierge provides our clients personalized concierge and boutique professional services.  Just recently, a client frantically called YPC saying that she had left her favorite credit card at a local restaurant/lounge. She called us to identify the type of card, the color, as well as the number.  She happened to be leaving on a trip the same morning before the establishment would be opened.  We offered to fetch the plastic, Fed Ex the card to her, and call the banks to put a temporary hold on the card until she could reconcile her account at the destination hotel. Another happy client was relieved when her credit card arrived the following morning, balance in tact.

Easing our clients concerns in stressful situations just makes us happy.  We are personal concierges, assistants, managers and life savers all rolled into one!  People know all they have to do is make one phone call and nearly any situation can be taken care of.  Juggle less and live more.  Let us help YOU today.

Your Personal Concierge Charlotte County – We’re Southwest Florida’s Helping Hands.  Affordable and reliable services help you finish errands, knock out “to do” lists, and manage your personal and professional lifestyle with a big smile. Licensed Chamber of Commerce members. 

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