harbor nights ball for community health care, hoarding, and you

Get up and out of that rusty ole’ fishing boat and into your tux for the 9th Annual Summer Ball of Harbor Nights.  The Fred Lang Foundation in partnership with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care is hosting another fabulous black tie fundraising event that benefits children, adolescents, and families of Charlotte County who are in urgent need of crisis counseling, mental health counseling and/or addiction treatment at CBHC.

One of the great attractions at the Ball is the exciting auction.  Your Personal Concierge – Southwest Florida’s Helping Hands is thrilled to be able to participate in kind with three sizable gift certificates for professional organizing and reorganizing of a residential room or in-home office or studio – all up for bid on Saturday night.  Chronic Disorganization ranging from clutter to hoarding is a recognized mental health disorder in the DSM IV and can severely impact health, happiness and home. So get cleaned up in more ways than one and dance, dance, dance the nights away.

Your Personal Concierge – Southwest Florida’s Helping Hands.  Affordable and reliable services help you finish errands, knock out “to do” lists, and manage your personal and professional lifestyle with a big smile. Licensed Chamber of Commerce members.  941.875.5190 Mobile or 941.875.9090 Direct.

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