tour, travel and talk to a concierge who says yes in a world of no

It’s not as if travel isn’t strenuous and life isn’t stressful enough, right?  In world of no, how do you ever get to yes?  How do you get to the information without having to stream through hours of Google’s webpage hits?  There you are in a strange place, no market savvy, and on a timeline to boot…..can’t anyone get some help around here?

Well, we had the same question and started digging around for the HELPFUL people.  The people that KNEW.  The people that CARED.  The people that WORKED.  The people that GAVE.  The people that SERVED.  Here’s a compilation of a few of the better concierge directories available to you.  If we’ve missed one you use and love, please let us know.

International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Association Directory;  International Concierge Directory;  HubPages Concierge Directory; International Concierge Institute; Canadian Concierge Directory;  National Concierge Association; E On Demand Concierge Directory; and …

Your Personal Concierge – Southwest Florida’s Errands & Lifestyle Management Service.  Affordable and reliable services help you complete errands, knock out “to do” lists, and manage your personal and professional lifestyle with a big smile. Licensed Chamber of Commerce members.  941.875.5190 Mobile or 941.875.9090 Direct.

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