what’s new in our continuing development and how sound can play a critical arts role

Here’s an update on what’s new in our continuing development towards historic preservation and conservation with a focus on public art communication utilizing visual thinking and expression.  We’ve been busy and hope things are moving along nicely for you, too!

1.  Beginning September 20, we will participate in an education program on Heritage Tourism chartered by the The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.  The program will be a process approach to helping communities and organizations assess, plan for, develop, implement and evaluate their efforts for heritage tourism. Taken as a whole, the Heritage Program is a guide to helping communities use heritage tourism as an economic and community development strategy. It is designed to be used by community and economic development practitioners, community members and those interested in using the heritage of their community as assets and capacities to help build and sustain their community.

At the conclusion, we will be equipped to understand what exactly heritage tourism means, how it can be accomplished, assessing a community’s ability to plan and implement, assess costs and benefits and determine the fit for a community. It will provide a platform for community discovery and create a process for an in-depth look at a community to help see itself through “new” eyes. Once a community determines it wants to pursue heritage tourism, then it can look at how it becomes a “welcoming” community and understand hospitality and all its ramifications. Finally, the Heritage Tourism modules will provide the information needed to implement heritage tourism as a community strategy for improving community health and economic sustainability as the community defines them.

2.  Shauna Lee will commence pursuit of a Historic Preservation Certification through Bucks Community College‘s pioneering program this August out of Newtown, PA.  Buck’s is a notable forerunner in historic preservation studies.  Shauna Lee was also recently accepted to the Ringling College of Art and Design’s Photography Certificate program in Sarasota, FL for Digital Photography.

3.  Waiting can be hard!  We are also awaiting acceptance to the Association of Preservation Technology [APT] International’s 2012 Conference in Charleston, SC in September.  The Conference encompasses the field of Cornerstones: Collaborative Approaches to Preservation.  The event is significant in the fact that it is the first parallel conferences of APT and Preservation Trades Network [PTN].

4.  This week, we’re also working on a submission for the 1708 Gallery for exhibiting in their Richmond, VA showcase. Exhibitions are eight weeks long and open to artists working in all mediums.

5.  We will also prepare a public art exhibition proposal for the Southwest Florida International Airport’s Cultural Exhibit Programs in Ft. Myers, FL.  It is designed to showcase the diversity of art and culture in the Southwest Florida Region.

6.  Recently, Shauna Lee was invited to participate in a Sound Healing Workshop with Sound Healer Bob Brown of Colorado.  Bob employed the use of Peruvian flutes, Tibetan Sound Bowls, drums, and his own vocal chords in recreating animal calls and weather related sounds as he collected and released energy during a two-hour experience.  The workshop held a group of about 15 women and was shocking in terms of what it opened up, as I had never attended anything like it before.  Bob and the workshop coordinator granted  individual blessings to participants.  I had my own visual interpretations during my meditation/prayer reconfirmed by other attendees in relating what they had “seen” or experienced.  A very centering and grounding exercise, if you ever have the opportunity, I encourage you to step out of your familiar zone into the winds of possible change.  It’s just fantastic for creativity and redirection.

Shauna Lee Lange is an art advisory firm since 2006.  We’re visual thinkers & idea strategists,  public art communicators and cultural curators.  We’re also developing in the fields of art & history preservation & conservation.  Much of our work involves a love of maritime, seaport, nautical and coastal themes.  941.875.5190 Mobile or 941.875.9090 Direct.

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