lange’s invitation to FEMA’s National Preparedness Coalition

Shauna Lee Lange has been a subscriber to FEMA’s Disaster related updates.  The agency thought the firm would appreciate an  invitation to join their National Preparedness Coalition.  The National Preparedness Coalition Online Community is where people connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Shauna Lee Lange and others will use it to empower, prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom they may study or worship.  The firm will join FEMA’s efforts for the following top five reasons:

  • Get access to useful information to help you prepare.
  • Promote national preparedness events on the calendar.
  • Get support and share best practices with over 20,000+ members.
  • Connect with FEMA personnel and others near you in the regional forums.
  • Help others prepare and increase our resilience.

Shauna Lee Lange of Southwest Florida is a visual strategies, visual thinking and visual culture firm with an emphasis on original ideas to encourage the interdependency of communities, public art and historic preservation.

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