Creative Art Consultants International (CACI)


Creative Art Consultants International (CACI) is no cost to join, just full of high value art information and contacts.  What that means to you is that you can expand your global professional art network. As of September 2013, there were over 6,000 members, only 30% self-identify as being at “beginning” career levels.  58% are in the arts and design industries and 7% are in the New York City metropolitan region.  The group began in July of 2008 as a Professional Group.  We want you, we need you, we love our creatives! Many of us are already personally connected through LinkedIn. Did you know that the group holds key connections and personalities you may NOT already be in relationship with? Think of it as a no fee think tank for the art progressive.

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One thought on “Creative Art Consultants International (CACI)

  1. Dear Shana Lee,
    Hi ! We met for lunch at fishermens warf in Punta Gorda early last winter. I will be coming back down again that way when my dad returns in the fall from up north ( lives in port charlotte ). I am busy busy promoting my art with finely some real sales. I made two NYC trips and am working on a business website idea to get me to the city more. I bought the book Accelerating on the Curves- getting great referance material out of it. (eatting it up). I will sign up for your linked in friend and the news letter butI really don’t have time to read so much. My new website will be out shortly.
    Peace and Love
    Deb Slowey Raguso

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