Thursday 8th January 2015

by Shauna Lee Lange

Mudi is one of the most uncommon midsized Hungarian dogs. It is mainly a herding coat which comes with a smooth face and curly, thick furs. In fact, the thick and shiny hair of the dog makes it rather unique. These dogs have a long head with pointed nose, which gives the dog a cute look. Most of the Mudi puppies are born without a tail and it is something which isn’t very uncommon about these dogs. Interestingly, the breed is not very new and is almost 100 years old. Even though the dog is not very popular till now, it is gaining popularity due to its energetic and versatile nature.

Hondenras Mudi

Mudi dogs serve mainly as sheep herder, cow herder, mice killers, hunting dogs and more. That’s not all, presently; the dog is also used as fountain rescue dogs. Coming to the nature and characteristics of these dogs, these have an endless list of talents which combines with their pleasant personality. In fact, this is what makes them one of the best rare breeds. Since these are rare breeds, there are only a few handful owners of their kind.

Mudi dogs are not all moody. In fact, finding a moody Mudi is rare than the breed itself. These dogs are extremely loving, gentle and have a good reputation of being a great companion. Apart from this, a Mudi dogs are extremely strong and brave and can go to any extent to defend their owners. Even though they are friendly, their friendly nature doesn’t go beyond the unfamiliar. They don’t trust strangers quickly, but aren’t aggressive towards them, either. All they need is some time to get acquainted with new people around them.

These dogs are safe with children provided they are raised from their puppy hood. Along with this, they are also pretty good with other dogs and non canine pets, provided they are introduced properly. Overall, this uncommon breed of dog is rather a friendly companion.

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